TypeRacer Data serves as a supplemental, third-party information center for TypeRacer.

There are currently 488,608 accounts and 186,213,052 races indexed in this database, for an average of 381 races per account. There are 43,945 distinct texts across 210 universes.

Please send any questions about the website to Noah, its creator and maintainer. You can reach him at noah.horn@gmail.com, or by logging on to the TypeRacer Discord server.

We continue to offer thanks to Sean Wrona, who hosted this website for several years, and indexed the first several hundred texts. We also thank Michael DeRoche, who indexed the next thousand texts.


How does the text bests stat work?
The text bests takes each text that the user has raced, finds their top score for each text, and averages those together. Whenever a user achieves a new personal best on a text, his or her text bests will improve.

What about difficulty rating and relative speed?

  1. For each user, assign each text a personal difficulty rating by dividing the individual text best by the overall average text bests. If someone has a text bests of 100 wpm, and achieves 200 wpm on a particular text, they earn a personal difficulty rating of 2 on that text. If they get 50 wpm on a text, they earn a personal difficulty rating of 0.5 on that text.
  2. For each text, calculate the overall difficulty rating of that text by averaging everyone's personal difficulty ratings together. If everyone does well on a certain text, that text will have a difficulty rating above 1.
  3. For each user, determine relative speed on each text by comparing the personal difficulty rating to the overall difficulty rating. If two typists with 100 wpm text bests type the same text, but typist A gets 150 wpm on it and typist B gets 75 wpm, typist A will have a much higher relative speed.

How does the marathon stat work?
The marathon is any consecutive period of 24 hours during which a user completed the most races. This period could start at any moment.

When do the Texts, Months, and Universes pages get updated? When do my marathon and best last 10 get updated?

Why don't some of my races show up?
Prior to 2013, a very small number of individual races did not get exported by TypeRacer, so this site can't collect them. We don't know why this happened. You can find out exactly which ones are missing using the skipped race checker, though this serves purely as an informative tool and won't help to get the races back. Some statistics remain unaffected by this, and others do get affected.

Have you added every TypeRacer account to this website?
No. Unless someone imports an account manually, we don't know about the account. TypeRacer does not provide a complete export of its database. You can help us out by importing accounts.

How do I access TypeRacer's API?
Via these API access points: