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Official speed 108.14 wpm (32.51 seconds elapsed during race)
Race Start October 18, 2015 11:39:26am UTC
Race Finish October 18, 2015 11:39:59am UTC
Outcome No win (5 of 7)
Opponents 1. melot_type (127.00 wpm)
2. olrepth (122.69 wpm)
3. 3ymsdet (120.57 wpm)
4. welneco (118.12 wpm)
6. junia (107.89 wpm)
7. melanie2525 (105.59 wpm)
Accuracy 95.0%
Points 0.00
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If you are given too many choices, if you are forced to consider much more than your unconscious is comfortable with, you get paralyzed. Snap judgments can be made in a snap because they are frugal, and if we want to protect our snap judgments, we have to take steps to protect that frugality.