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Official speed 233.18 wpm (26.45 seconds elapsed during race)
Race Start January 13, 2022 6:35:09am UTC
Race Finish January 13, 2022 6:35:36am UTC
Outcome Win (1 of 2)
Accuracy 100.0%
Points 376.97
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I placed my revolver, cocked, upon the top of the wooden case behind which I crouched. Holmes shot the slide across the front of his lantern and left us in pitch darkness - such an absolute darkness as I have never before experienced. The smell of hot metal remained to assure us that the light was still there, ready to flash out at a moment's notice. To me, with my nerves worked up to a pitch of expectancy, there was something depressing and subduing in the sudden gloom, and in the cold dank air of the vault.