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Official speed 208.30 wpm (30.24 seconds elapsed during race)
Race Start August 14, 2021 5:40:05pm UTC
Race Finish August 14, 2021 5:40:35pm UTC
Outcome Win (1 of 4)
Opponents 2. chakk (198.81 wpm)
3. pastashapes (132.82 wpm)
Accuracy 99.0%
Points 367.99
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And I thought about then to myself that there were many things wrong with all of us and all our lives and I wondered why my father, who was himself an only son, had not married before he was forty and then I wondered why he had. I even thought that perhaps he had to marry my mother and checked the dates on the flyleaf of the Bible when I learned that my oldest sister had been born a prosaic eleven months after the marriage, and I felt myself then very dirty and based for my lack of faith and for what I thought and done.