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Official speed 210.89 wpm (17.81 seconds elapsed during race)
Race Start December 8, 2020 2:44:44am UTC
Race Finish December 8, 2020 2:45:02am UTC
Outcome Win (1 of 4)
Opponents 2. despot (174.52 wpm)
3. razorlemon2 (121.95 wpm)
4. macieje (116.39 wpm)
Accuracy 100.0%
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After I finish, it's like the part of me that can't fall asleep, the part that's staring at the cracks on the ceiling, wondering and worrying, is emptied in the diary for the night. During the day I fill back up and the pages wait. I like to think you're holding my thoughts for me until I can tend to them again.