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Official speed 211.00 wpm (25.25 seconds elapsed during race)
Race Start September 16, 2019 10:02:45pm UTC
Race Finish September 16, 2019 10:03:11pm UTC
Outcome Win (1 of 4)
Opponents 3. rosewolf (170.07 wpm)
4. zachattack973 (107.94 wpm)
Accuracy 100.0%
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Every morning when he'd come to pick you up, I would look forward to it all night long in bed next to you. Those nights when you were actually in the bed. And he would ring the doorbell - I felt like my heart would come out of my chest. He would smile, and we'd talk, and then you would come down the stairs. And I felt probably like someone who was terminally ill and somehow they managed to forget it for a minute. And then it all comes back!